Joëlle Wider is a Swiss polymorphic artist living and working in Lausanne. After studies and practices of the artistic stage, she explores street photography and also conceptualizes visual and sound projects, looking for various narrative processes through the photographic series and music. Her work is characterized by use of black and white and colorimetric filters, exploring an ambulatory and introspective narrative by weaving poetic links with its subjects. By following various manifestations and acts of social struggle, attempting a personal point of view on the human implication in progress, observing the intimate experience and palpable vulnerability of participants as individuals through a collective movement. She as well collaborates with other artists and multidisciplinary forms.


The photographic work carried out during political events in public space, some of whose images are published here, reflects a desire to testify to people who are active, or those who support by their presence actions of mobilization against social discrimination. If in this benevolent and documentary approach, people do not wish to appear on my images, they can write to me at any time to request their removal.
Le travail photographique réalisé lors d'événements politiques dans l'espace public, dont certaines images sont publiées ici, traduit une volonté de témoigner des personnes qui sont actives, ou de celles qui soutiennent de par leur présence des actions de mobilisation contre la discrimination sociale. Si dans cette démarche bienveillante et documentaire, les gens ne souhaitent pas apparaître sur mes images, elles peuvent m'écrire à tout moment pour demander leur retrait.

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